Athenian Oath Wall

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Project Overview

The “Athenian Oath” was installed near the entrance wall to a smaller conference meeting area that can be split into two meeting rooms. Lori worked with Airpark Signs in Scottsdale, who produced this wall decal. It is located near a smaller meeting area on the west end of the 6th Floor conference center in the Fulton Center, near the kitchen and unique book wall.

From The Oath of the Athenian City-State
We will ever strive for the ideals and sacred things of the city, both alone and with many;
We will unceasingly seek to quicken the sense of public duty;
We will revere and obey the city’s laws;
We will transmit this city not only not less, but greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.

Project Details

Project:  Athenian Oath wall decal
For:  ASU Enterprise Partners
Market:  Nonprofit
Date:  April 2017

Note: Lori is an employee of ASU Enterprise Partners.

ASU Fulton Center

Arizona State University’s 6-story Fulton Center is located on the NE corner of University Drive and College Avenue in Tempe. This Athenian Oath wall art is located on the top floor in a newly remodeled conference center.

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