Membership makes the difference. Best Western International is the world’s largest hotel chain. Each Best Western is independently owned and operated. Becoming a member of the largest hotel chain has its benefits, and that is precisely the message to prospective members in this 16-page brochure: Independent hoteliers united to promote their properties and increase profitability.

This 16-page brochure (Membership Makes the Difference) works in tandem with four other booklets: New Construction and Refurbishment Guidelines, Bylaws & Articles, Rules & Regulations, and Membership Fees. All five booklets are presented in an attractive folio with fluted ivory cover stock and gold foil-stamped logo and tie closure.


In addition to the Membership Benefits 16-page brochure this kit also included 4 booklets: Rules & Regulations, Membership Fees, Bylaws & Articles and Construction Guidelines (not pictured here). All followed Best Western’s brand guidelines and approved corporate color palette.

“Best Western is simply the best value of any hotel chain around. And Best Western’s Supply and Design Departments are second-to-none. When you work with them in tandem, you can’t beat it. They are just incredible together, giving you design, great purchasing power and service that is unmatched.”

~ Charlie Helm,
Best Western Trail Dust Inn, Sulphur Springs, Texas