This custom presentation box houses a complete set of brochures highlighting “Campaign ASU 2020” unit case statements, big ideas and overviews. It is used by ASU Enterprise Partners and others to present information to prospective donors to Campaign ASU 2020.

Lori worked with Roswell Bookbinding to create this unique presentation box for ASU. This limited run was reordered due to the overwhelmingly positive response by leadership.


Campaign ASU 2020 horizontal logo

Funds raised in Campaign ASU 2020 to fuel discovery, champion student success and enrich community, among other initiatives. According to ASU Now, the campaign’s goal of at least $1.5 billion will be distributed this way:

  • $441M to fuel discovery, creativity and innovation.
  • $258M to drive Sun Devil Athletics competitiveness.
  • $233M to elevate the academic enterprise.
  • $220M to ensure student access and excellence.
  • $184M to champion student success.
  • $165M to enrich our communities.

Campaign ASU 2020 is a strategic effort that will focus the entire university’s development energies on one goal–to permanently raise the long-term fundraising capacity of the university. The donations will fund scholarships, faculty research, labs, projects to ensure that students succeed to graduation, arts initiatives and ventures in the community.

~ASU Now (a news and information website exploring Arizona State University)

Collectively, the ASU community, its supporters, and champions of higher education will raise at least $1.5 billion to sustain ASU’s momentum and shape their shared future.